Signs of Low Self-Esteem

To help you determine if your child has low self-esteem, watch for the following signals. They could be everyday responses to how your child relates to the world around him, or they might occur only occasionally in specific situations. When they become a repeated pattern of behavior, you need to become sensitive to the existence of a problem.

Boosting your Child's Self-Esteem
If you and/or your pediatrician or other professional have concluded that your child could use help with her self-esteem, start with some positive steps of your own. You can become the most influential person in getting your child's self-concept back on track.

Here are some suggestions:

Boosting your child's self-concept will not happen overnight. It may take months or years, and it is an ongoing process. If your child is not responding to your attempts at helping her, however, and worrisome or serious problems persist, talk to your pediatrician about the need for professional assistance.

Source: American Academy of Pediatrics