Horace P. Hambrick, MD is a pediatrician in Georgetown Kentucky at Georgetown Pediatrics, PSC. Georgetown Pediatrics, PSC, pediatricians in Georgetown, Kentucky 40324. Board Certified Pediatrician in Georgetown Kentucky serving Georgetown Kentucky, Scott County Kentucky, Fayette County Kentucky, 40511, 40503, 40502
Georgetown Pediatrics - Horace P. Hambrick, M.D.

Undergraduate Education:
Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana

University of Louisville
Department of Pediatrics
Louisville, Kentucky

When Dr. Horace Hambrick founded Georgetown Pediatrics in 1986, he could not have guessed what that practice would look like nearly 30 years later. Today, with eight physicians, expanded offices open seven days a week, state-of-the-art computerized patient files and a website where patients can access their own secure medical information, Georgetown Pediatrics is one of the preeminent pediatric practices in Central Kentucky.

Dr. Hambrick has set the standard for a practice that is centered on the health of children and adolescents, and the importance of well-functioning families. With a broad knowledge in the field, Dr. Hambrick sees patients for wellness checks and illnesses. He also works with School and Neurobehavioral problems and ADHD. Dr. Hambrick enjoys Medical Mission work and he has had the opportunity to serve in eight foreign countries. He started Faith Children’s Clinic in 1998 which provides free medical care to children with no medical insurance.

Originally from Georgetown, Dr. Hambrick and his wife Willow have raised five children Logan, Amanda, Erin, Gentry and Rhodes in this place they love to call home.